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Gospel Access brings to you the testimonies of today's ultra successful individuals. Their testimonies put on display what God is up to in their lives which will encourage YOU to get excited about your own God given gifts, goals, dreams & potential!

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About Gospel Access

 Gospel Access is a media outlet that has one sole mission-to encourage you to step up and into your own personal greatness. Our aim is to help you believe in your dream and incite you to put in the work to make it happen. At Gospel Access you'll hear wide ranging, genuine,authentic conversations with some of the best and brightest in the world from all walks of life. Nothing is scripted so you'll get a chance to listen to the good, the bad and the ugly-both the highs and the lows that they encountered on their journey to greatness. Some of your favorite personalities, singers, Academy Award nominees, Grammy Award winners, successful pastors, business owners, today's influencers and news makers all share inspiring insights as well as give empowering advice to help you succeed!


About Traycee Gales


Min. Traycee Gales is a celebrity, faith and entertainment journalist who is the creator and executive producer of Gospel Access. She specializes in gleaning success strategies from those at the top of their game in various fields in order to help people determine their life’s purpose. Her interviewing skills have helped her land interviews with Academy Award nominees, Grammy Award winners, local pastors and successful business owners who all open up to her in order to share empowering advice to help others step up and into their greatness.

She serves on the Ministerial Alliance at Greater Mt Calvary Holy Church located in Washington DC and is the founder of The Family Ministry which serves families in the Washington area. Min. Gales is also a contributing writer for the Baltimore Examiner.

Min. Gales’ heart’s desire is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ by helping others realize their God given potential and destiny. “My Purpose is to lead others to their calling. Its a tremendous gift to help others discover who they are.”

She is a native of Brooklyn, New York and is a graduate of West Virginia University.