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Your Boss Life Awaits YOU

It seems that the catch phrase that’s on the lips of many today is ‘live your best life.’ Everywhere on the internet folks are talking about how they are striving to live their best lives and desire to live the life they’ve always imagined.  I call living life on these terms the BOSS LIFE. But what exactly does that mean?

A ‘Boss Life’ is you doing what you love

A ‘Boss Life’ is you living your life using your full potential

A ‘Boss Life’ is you being who God created you to be

Although a ‘Boss Life’ can be had by us all; unfortunately not everyone is living it.

The number one culprit that hinders us-is us!  We are oftentimes what stand in the way of our living life to a greater, fuller more fulfilled degree. How in the world do we do this you ask?  We oftentimes hinder ourselves by allowing habits and issues to hold us back and suffocate our potential. I guarantee you that if you’re dissatisfied with what you’ve produced in life thus far and if you keep holding on to unproductive habits you will continue to live beneath your potential and keep on being dissatisfied.

Habits are either the best of servants or the worst of masters

Our habits can make us or break us.  Good habits can serve us to live better while bad habits end up incarcerating us to live a life sentence of mediocrity.

The truth is you can have-you can be-you can live your best life ever but you’ve got to realize that you and you alone are the only one responsible to make this happen.

How do I begin to access the Boss Life?

Step one:

Be honest with yourself.  To access your Boss Life you have got to be willing to take a brutally honest stance with yourself.  You have to honestly identify those things that you do that are sabotaging your growth, success and happiness.  You’ve got to identify habits that you have acquired that are keeping you from being more productive. Pinpoint anything about yourself that is keeping you from being the best version of yourself- you’ve got to be willing to change your ways!  

**Only after you have honestly taken inventory of yourself and identified those habits that are negatively impacting your life will you set yourself up to be ready for step two.

Stay Tuned and come back for more on Access to a Boss Life!


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