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Here’s The First Step in Your Road to Success

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

#Access Your Dreams

A lot of us want and desire things that we already have.  A lot of us are praying for things that God has already given us.  I’ve discovered that when a child of God prays God often times answers by giving you what you’ve prayed for in seed form.  For example, some of us are praying for financial prosperity and God has answered you by giving you a thought for a business. He’s answered you by giving you an idea for a witty invention which will in turn bring to you the finances.   You just didn’t realize that the idea or thought that you had was in fact the answer to the prayer that you prayed– because it wasn’t in the finished form that you envisioned.

It’s like the man who prays for a tree & God answers him by giving him a seed.  It is now on that man to take that seed and plant it, water it and cultivate it. God then does His thing and when the time is right turns that seed into the tree that the man had been praying for.   Any farmer will tell you that a seed left in the packet won’t produce a thing, any farmer will tell you that a seed only works when u plant it. It’s equally true of yourself–what He’s given you won’t produce one thing if you don’t take the time to develop it.

There is a saying that I love that says—‘You can count the number of seeds in an apple BUT you will never be able to count the number of apples that will come from a seed.’  A college junior by the name of Fred Smith shared his seed of an idea on an economic class term paper. His idea was for a company that would guarantee overnight delivery of small, time-sensitive goods.  He worked on his seed and his ‘seed’ turned into the global company that we all know now—FedEx.

The very 1st step to accessing your dreams is to take inventory of your life.

What ‘seeds’ has God given to you?  What ideas, thoughts, gifts and talents has God given YOU?

**Only after you have  taken inventory of your life and identified the many wonderful ‘seeds’ that you’ve been given will you set yourself up to be ready for step two.

Stay Tuned and come back for more on Accessing Your Dreams!


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