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Enemies vs. Frenemies – Can you spot them?

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Haters don’t hate you.  They hate the fact that you are a reflection of what they want to be.  A good definition for Haters is a person that has:

Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success

All of us at one time or another has had to deal with haters or enemies.

You have either just dealt with a hater, you’re dealing with a hater right now or you’re getting ready to encounter a hater.

As you strive to be and do all that God wants for your life know that opposition and enemies will arise as you do God’s will.

Haters/enemies are people that feel negatively about you and simply cannot be happy for your success. Enemies make a point of exposing a flaw in you rather than encourage you.

They hold no cut cards in making it clear that they’re against you. Haters are easy to spot -they’re the ones that rejoice if you relapse, delight in your downfall and stand up and applaud when you stumble.  

The question is… what if you see this same negative behavior coming from one that you call friend? Well-you have just encountered a frenemy! Webster’s dictionary defines a frenemy as one who pretends to be a friend but is actually an enemy.  A frenemy is a person in your circle who seems to be friendly with you, but is actually antagonistic & competitive.

Frenemies- Those folks that smile in your face, but secretly wish for your failure and demise in their heart.

Frenemies- smile as they take swipes at your character, pretend they’re in your corner as they plot your demise.

Frenemies-are those people who gain your confidence, collect all juicy nuggets of your business, then throw it up in your face later.

Frenemies are the ones that will throw the rock and hide their hand.

Frenemies know all of your secrets and are the best people to bring you down

A fake smile on your so called friend’s face is more evil than a sword in your enemy’s hand.

Know that these types of people are a part of life, so don’t be blindsided by them, instead come to expect them like you expect weeds to pop up in the springtime.

Don’t allow them to throw you off of your God given course. Have your eyes open for frenemy behavior amongst those that you are in relationship with. Don’t be surprised, shocked or find yourself in disbelief if and when they emerge on the scene of your life. Keep striving for success and keep shining like the diamond that you are.


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